eufy RoboVac 15C MAX

TL;DR: The eufy RoboVac 15C MAX is the best robotic vacuum under $499, and it only costs a hair over $200.

What I Like:

  1. [Insert “this really sucks” joke here.]
  2. Compared to Roombas in this price range: the RoboVac 15C MAX has 3x the suction power of Roomba 600 series and 2x the suction power of 800 series. Roomba S9 series will get you slightly more suction power than this, but they start at $899.
  3. This has various sensors to turn when necessary and clean most of the floors in your home. It easily goes from carpet to hardwood floors to rugs to tiles.
  4. Great for homes with pets. We have 2 yellow labs who constantly shed, and our RoboVac cleans up all the hair.
  5. Control it with an app to schedule daily cleanings or to clean on demand, or use the included remote.
  6. Connect to Google Home or Amazon Alexa so you can control it with your voice command.

What I Don’t Like:

  1. The dust collector bin is rather small, so you have to empty it every day. But all robotic vacuums have about the same size bins. Some higher end Roombas (priced $799+) have the option for Automatic Dirt Disposal which empties the dust collector bin into a separate larger bin automatically.
  2. No mapping system. Basically this vacuum will just randomly clean your house, changing directions when it hits an obstacle. This is true of all entry level robotic vacuums. Higher end vacuums like RoboVac L70 or Roomba i7 or Roomba S9 will have advanced navigation where they map out the room to not miss any spot and to allow for custom target cleaning.
  3. When the RoboVac is done cleaning, it will automatically go home to its charging base. But if you want to cut the cleaning short (say you have a visitor), then you need to use the App or the remote to send it home, or use Alexa or Google to send it home, or manually pick up the RoboVac and take it home. I wish there was a button on the RoboVac that I could press to send it home. Or I guess I could buy a few more Alexa/Google speakers.


Unless you got close to $500 to shell out on a vacuum cleaner, this eufy RoboVac 15C MAX is the one to get. Priced just over $200, this is a great bargain on a fantastic unit.